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Blog: 4 Step SIMPLE Sales Process

ProTip9/19/17 "If we are prepared, we shall not fear." -Quentin L. Cook

So often people tell me that selling is one of the scariest and toughest parts of their jobs. The #1 reason why they feel this way is because they aren't prepared enough.  To be prepared, you have to have thorough knowledge, a winning game plan, and lots of practice.  These things, coupled with actually engaging in several real sales conversations, will diminish these fears greatly.  I do say that if someone in sales does not have at least a slight amount of nervousness, he/she has lost the edge and passion behind gaining a sale, so don't allow yourself to get complacent.

What tips do we have for being successful in sales?  Check out this most useful infographic as it gives you 4 easy steps for mastering the process:

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