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Our Team

One of the secrets to the ProSolutions success story is the dedicated team behind our 100+ years of customer service expertise. Our company is comprised of highly trained project managers and professionals in the areas of measurement and accountability, curriculum design, organizational development, facilitation, communications, marketing, training and more.

Jana Love

President / CEO

In 1989, Jana founded ProShop Evaluation Services, Inc., after a successful career with Marriott International in sales and marketing. Like ProSolutions, ProShop offered mystery shopping, evaluation, and training services to top international hospitality companies.

In 1997, Jana formed Shop2000 with two other principals. Shop2000 was developed exclusively for Marriott Group Sales and Catering, and they designed the unique training program, “Walking in the Shoes of the Customer,” for Marriott.

In 2002, Jana expanded the company’s business resources and services and created ProSolutions, LLC, offering evaluations, performance improvement, training, and development to such clients as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Marriott Vacation Club International, Wyndham Worldwide, and Columbia Sussex Corporation. Jana lives in Pensacola, Florida with her husband, Bill. Her two daughters, Kelsey and Madison, also live in Pensacola. Email

Katie Scheer

Vice President

Katie Scheer was named Vice President in November of 2006 after two successful years as the Director of Operations for ProSolutions. She leads the company operations, sales and marketing, network and revenue management, new customer initiatives, and corporate strategy.

Katie has been on the ProSolutions team since May, 2002. She started with the organization as an Operations & Project Manager, and then became the Strategic Operations Manager. While in these positions, she successfully assisted in the crafting, implementation, and execution of innovative company branding, service diversification, and strategy-supportive policies and procedures.

Katie previously served as Marketing and Strategy Manager for BUD Publishers. Prior to holding this position, Katie attended University of West Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Katie currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Chris, and two children, Cade and Courtney.


Michelle Nitchie

Project Design & Development Manager

Michelle Nitchie became head of Design and Development in the summer of 2009 after her previous work as a Project Manager and a Project and Administrative Assistant. She is primarily responsible for development and implementation of client training programs. In addition, she assists with company operations by monitoring quality assurance and by designing new processes, procedures, programs, and internal and external templates.

Michelle has been with ProSolutions since October of 2005. She previously worked as a Research Technician at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in conjunction with Northwestern and Brown Universities. She attended Northwestern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computational Physics. She also attended National-Louis University and graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching. She continues to teach young minds by tutoring math, science, reading, and test preparation. Michelle currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Mike.


Betsy Dahlke

Senior Project Manager, Sales & Catering

Betsy Dahlke was promoted to Senior Project Manager in August 2003. She is ultimately responsible for the successful development and operational management of all client projects. She also manages scope, schedule, budget, and resources for all frontline sales accounts.

Betsy has been with ProSolutions since January, 1992. She joined the company as a Reservations Consultant and became a Project Manager in 1993. Over the years, Betsy has also used her diverse experience and skill sets by initiating performance-driven training courses for customers.

Betsy previously worked for Marriott International as a Front Office and Reservations Manager. Betsy attended Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Administration. She currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband, Jay. She has two grown sons, Greg and Scott.


Dana Mudd

Senior Project Manager

Dana Mudd became the Senior Project Manager for ProSolutions in 2011. Her primary responsibilities include social media and marketing engagement along with implementation of well-defined project plans and effective development and delivery of reports to our strategic pricing, luxury residential, and timeshare accounts. Additionally, she ensures that our company champions excellence by facilitating high-quality training programs and efforts to the “first impression” teams of our customers and internally to our ProSolutions project teams. Dana’s key strengths lie in her ability to think in a detailed, logical, and organized manner.

In 2003, Dana joined the ProSolutions team as a Sales Consultant after concluding a successful career at Marriott Hotels & Resorts as a Sales Manager. Prior to working for Marriott, Dana attended Towson University in Maryland where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. Dana currently resides in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, Darrell, and their sons, Dylan and Travis.


Cindy Ott

Project Manager, Reservations/Customer Service

Cindy Ott has been with ProSolutions since September, 2005. She specializes in the management of reservations and hotel operator evaluations. In addition, her experience and talents allow her to assist with the management of other projects, and she oversees certain aspects of the Accounting, Human Resources, and Administrative functions of the company.

Prior to joining ProSolutions, Cindy gained her hospitality experience by working in Human Resources and Accounting with Marriott Vacation Club International and JetBlue Airlines. She currently resides in Winter Garden, Florida, with her husband, Mark; children, Bailey and Jake; and stepchildren, Grace and Buzz.


Monica Nelson

Project Manager, Reservations/Customer Service

Monica Nelson has been on the ProSolutions team since 2008. After 10 years of doing a vast variety projects for our Reservations and Group Departments, Monica was promoted to Project Manager. Monica’s extensive expertise in hospitality, attention to detail, and hard work make her a strong asset to our Reservations/Customer Service Department and to our company as a whole. Her intuition and strong customer service skills enable her to help us to grow both internally and externally.

Monica began her career in 1988 as Department Head for the Banquet Department at a Marriott hotel and then was an integral team member during the opening of a new Marriott Conference Center where she was the Dining Services Manager. She then spent two years out of the country as the General Manager for a restaurant located on the island of St. Maarten. Monica lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Marty. She has two grown children and four grandchildren.


Poppie McNierney

Project Manager, Strategic Pricing

After three years proving to be a strong asset to the ProSolutions project team by chiefly completing sales-related projects, Poppie McNierney became the Project Manager of Strategic Pricing in August, 2014. She focuses primarily on customer-facing project start-ups. She helps our customers to determine the most advantageous type of strategic pricing project to have completed based upon each of their unique needs, and she takes all steps necessary to make sure the initiation process is smooth and efficient. Poppie excels at delivering a tailored approach to each customer’s individualized situation, and she exhibits strong communication and organizational skills.

Poppie has been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. She was previously an Operations Manager with Nielsen Business Media (trade show division) and also a meeting planner with several associations. She is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse with a Master of Science in Education and of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina, with her husband, Chris, and two children, Keira and Liam.


Jennifer Thompson

Project Assistant, Strategic Pricing

Before becoming a Project Assistant for ProSolutions in March of 2017, Jennifer spent seven years working within the Strategic Pricing Division as a research expert. In her current Project Assistant role, Jennifer focuses on fulfillment: overseeing our team of Market Research Consultants, answering their questions, and managing the quality assurance of all of our strategic pricing reports. Her efforts are a vital piece to the puzzle of what makes our customers’ return so valuable.

Prior to joining ProSolutions, Jennifer gained her customer service experience working as a successful hairdresser for five years; and she was in retail management for 10 years. Jennifer currently resides in Midland, Texas, with her husband, David, and their daughters, Serenity and Piper.


Natalie Green

Quality Assurance Assistant

Natalie joined the ProSolutions team in December of 2017 as the Quality Assurance Assistant. In this role, Natalie focuses on supporting our Project Managers to assure our clients receive the highest caliber of service and return possible. From behind the scenes, she spearheads efforts that include project reviews, internal communications, and much more.

Prior to joining ProSolutions, Natalie worked in both the healthcare and customer service industries. She has a degree in Psychology from St. Edward’s University and currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her family.


Cheryl Cox

Project Assistant, Reservations/Customer Service

Before becoming a Project Assistant for ProSolutions in October of 2018, Cheryl worked within the Reservations team, providing customer service feedback to our hotels and hospital clients within the Operator/PBX and Reservations Departments. In her current Project Assistant role, Cheryl focuses on training and feedback for the team, making sure clients are getting the information they’re looking for and ensuring the quality of service is as high as it can be on both sides.

Prior to joining ProSolutions, Cheryl gained her customer service experience working in high-end retail and hospitality, including management, leadership, and training in these areas. Cheryl currently resides in Orlando, FL, with her husband, Charlie, and their cat, Cali Soleil.


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