Sales & Catering

Key Reservations Evaluation - Posing as a prospective guest, ProSolutions will phone your reservations agents to secure a reservation. You will receive an evaluation focusing on the key areas of customer service including communication skills and promotion of your amenities.                           

"Take No Messages" Shop - In order to gauge your department’s accessibility, ProSolutions will pose as potential customers and phone your location.  For each shop, we will record who the caller spoke with and how long it takes to reach a manager, as well as other important factors. 

Total Reservations Evaluation - This evaluation utilizes the same shop process as the Key Reservations Evaluation, and includes a comprehensive evaluation of the total customer experience and your agent's performance.  It also includes specific suggestions for improvements for all areas of opportunity.             

  Test Your Assistant - Our customized evaluations determine if your assistants are taking the right preliminary information to ensure routing to the correct manager, if the assistants have the knowledge to answer general product knowledge questions, and if your customers feel that they are receiving memorable customer service.                                                                           

Key Sales & Catering Evaluation - ProSolutions will pose as a customer interested in the product you offer or in hosting an event (from social to business) and will contact your hotel either by phone or via online RFP.  The evaluation will give you a snapshot of how your team member performed on 16 vital sales skills and provide focused suggestions for improvement.  


Total Sales & Catering Evaluation - This evaluation utilizes the same shop process as the Key Sales and/or Catering Shop, but also includes a highly detailed and targeted evaluation that will cover all aspects of the sales experience for the customer and will provide detailed suggestions for how your team member can improve. 


Online Request for Proposal - To learn how accessible your team is through your website, ProSolutions will pose as a potential customer and submit a RFP through your website, recording how long it took to receive a response, how the response was received (call or email), and other factors.

If actual customer calls are recorded by your company, your evaluation program can utilize these audios in the place of mystery shops.  For information on pricing and to see a sample report, contact us today.