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ProTip of the Week Increasing Customer Retention - Clients for Life

The Clients for Life Philosophy: Client retention is not a "program"; it's an ongoing commitment to your clients and colleagues.

- John Gamble, What Your Clients Won't Tell You...and Your Managers Don't Know

As we discussed last week, part of client retention is only taking the right clients under the right terms.  As John Gamble highlights above, it is also not a periodic activity or a quarterly effort.  While you can still do occasional special efforts to give an additional boost to your client relationships, true client retention is not a special program, but a way of doing business and a way of life for all involved.  Ask yourself - what are you and your team/colleagues doing consistently to keep your clients?  What policies do you have related to client retention?  If you cannot answer these questions easily and quickly, it is time to brainstorm this topic and discuss as a team.

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