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ProTip of the Week 8/31/11

Faulty assumption #1 – The customer is always right.  Using such polar thinking – right versus wrong – precludes getting at the real issue of how we can build mutually useful relationships…Rightness and wrongness is less important than finding solutions.

- Dr. Paul R. Timm, Seven Power Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty


The concept behind "the customer is always right" is certainly a good one; we want to avoid ever placing blame on the customer when they come to us with an issue.  But as Dr. Timm points out, even thinking about "right" and "wrong" can lead us down an inefficient and ineffective path.  To give the best service, we have to look past who is right and who is wrong, and instead look to how we can work together to find the solution to the issue.  You don't ever want your customer to feel like it is customer vs. company, but instead customer + company vs. the problem.  

Learn how ProSolutions can help your team build more customer loyalty during the complaint resolution process by using these and other customer-focused concepts.

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