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ProTip of the Week 2/8/12

What is the difference between a stall and an objection?  Two answers: A stall is, "I want to think about it," or "I have to meet with other people."  An objection is, "Your price is too high," or "We have a satisfactory supply."  Both are putoffs which basically say, "You haven't sold me yet."  Maybe they perceive too high a risk.  Maybe they think they can get it someplace cheaper.  Maybe they don't have enough confidence in you to go forward.  Maybe they are not the decision maker.  You haven't proven enough value.  You haven't shown enough difference between you and your competition.  And you certainly have not gained the trust of the buyer to invest his money in your product or your service.  The bottom line is conversion.  You have to convert their lack of confidence, their lack of trust, and their lack of perceived value into a sale.

- Jeffrey Gitomer, The Little Red Book of Sales Answers

One of the most crucial moments in any sales situation is when you ask for the commitment and you get an objection or a stall in return.  As Mr. Gitomer points out, what this really means is that you haven't done your job yet in showing the customer the true benefit of your service.  Begin by trying to discover exactly what their objections/hesitations are, then systematically focus on each one, building up value and trust in the product, while simultaneously building up your own relationship with the customer (inspiring trust and confidence in you, as well).

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